Imexe is a native token to Easydex.Net. Easydex is a decentralize Cryptocurrency exchange and IMEXE rewards traders with IMEXE tokens and the tokens can be traded in Easyex or Can be used to gain rewards in Easyex's new Social media platfrom that rewards users to interact and IMEXE will be one of the few Medium to reward yourself. 

Trade CryptoCurrency and Earn

By trading cryptocurrency in Easydex Exchange you get Imexe as an incentive. Imexe is a value tokens / Community token that will work with all the platforms of Easylife. You will be able to reward yourself with Imexe in the platforms of Easylife. 



Earn Imexe tokens by trading in Easydex exchange.                         


Imexe community will hold contests regularly and the traders can earn big rewards during market making programme with Easydex.


We will occassionally sharedrop IMEXE to Portfolio builder token holders. EASYDEX.PB is a official token of Easyex Exchange that shares revenue to the token holders. 

Founders Lockin

Founders will have a lockin peroid of 6 months for them to be able to sell the tokens they hold. A total of 30%  will be held by the founders. 

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